Estate Planning Update from The 53rd Annual Heckerling Institute

In January 2019, Aaron spent a week at the 53rd Annual Heckerling Institute. The Heckerling Institute teaches about estate planning pitfalls, taxes, expenses, and other important topics for people wanting to transfer assets to loved ones with as little expense and tax as possible. The focus at Heckerling also included asset protection from creditors, spouses, and estranged family members. This intensive Continuing Legal Education (CLE) course was put on by the University of Miami School of Law in Orlando, Florida. Morrie has also attended the Heckerling Institute twice in recent years.

Here at Doll & Sievers, we provide the following services:
1. Trusts – Irrevocable & Revocable
2. Last Wills & Testaments
3. Powers of Attorney
4. Healthcare Representatives
5. Living Wills
6. Beneficiary Needs
7. Estate Expenses/Taxes
8. Gifting Advice
9. Medicare Planning

Do you have questions about your current estate plan? Or, do you need to discuss which estate plan might be the best option for you?

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